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Detective Logan Payne is investigating the biggest homicide case to ever hit McKinney Texas. Pricilla Hart is a reporter hungry for a story and will do anything to get it. As the case heats up and these two collide, what unfolds is a shocking truth.

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sprit walkers series

Psychic Jenna Langley is witnessing brutal murders through out-of-body experiences. Detective Cole Rainwater isn’t taking her seriously. What will happen when Jenna becomes the hunted?

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A snippet from inside the pages of Cunja

Trembling from head to toe, Pricilla took her first step and paused to see if her movements echoed throughout the room.

Not a sound.

Three more paces and a terrifying snarl resonated in front of her—louder, longer, and more menacing than before. For the love of God, the ferocious roar seemed much closer to her.

Wild, demented laughter rang out.

Intense horror shocked her system, as if she’d been electrocuted. She tore across the ceramic tile floor toward the bench, no longer caring about giving away her position. She wouldn’t have much time to snatch her bag if she managed to make it there at all.

The wheezing thing came after her, charging from the left side of the room. Each loud strike of its feet seemed to shake the surrounding walls.

She clutched the back of the bench and fumbled for the bag. Her fingers wrapped around the handles about the same time as something struck the metal bench. Its bolted legs pitched forward with unbelievable force. Screws wrenched from the floor, screeching in protest. The beast swiped at her face, narrowly missing her.

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Sprit Walkers Series

A snippet from inside the pages of Killing Dreams

Glass shattered somewhere in the distance, and a man’s gloved hand breached the gaping hole of the French door pane, disengaging the bolt.

The door swung open, hinges creaked, and the killer stepped inside, dressed in black. He carefully made his way into the living room.

He crept around to the kitchen with a knife clutched in his hand. Jenna’s breath caught the moment she realized the room he peered into was the same as the one belonging to the rental house. Oh my God, is he in here?”

Fear rained down on her. As much as she struggled to move, nothing happened, and it was a horrifying reality knowing until this vision played out, she wouldn’t be able to. He’s going to kill me right here while I’m helpless, and I can’t do anything about it. Please, somebody, help me!”

He turned into the hallway.

Now approaching the guest bedroom.

The killer stopped and peeked inside, then skulked past the bathroom, moving to her bedroom at the end of the hall.

In another minute he would be at her door.

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